Lil Short

2009-02-05 00:06:11 by Nose-army

So I haven't submitted a real animation since March of the Snowmen. I saw how popular and easy to make sprite movies were, and my 12-year-old mind was easy to sway. Of course, when I made the nose-army account I pictured my web-personality to be super popular and I wanted to get to that stage any way I could. I now realize that sprite movies are unoriginal, lazy, and take away credit from the poor artists that actually put effort into their work, and I will not be following that path again.
So anyways, me and eyerecon had this idea for a two-person collab about anything we wanted, and we each started making parts for it (some of which got finished) but then we thought that we'd been pushing off our BIG project Praelia for too long, so we ditched it. I put a lot of effort into a couple of the parts for the collab, so I wanted to show them to you, to let you know what stage I'm at with animation. They're not quite finished, so they probably won't look quite up to par.
Hulk part.
Nonsensical stick fight.
And I'll post the big fancy preloader if *ahem* EYERECON WILL SEND ME THE COMPLETED VERSION. Which I hope he will.


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2009-02-05 00:32:17


Nose-army responds:

Heh, I got it, but then I missed a key when I hit ctrl-enter and broke it :3


2009-02-05 11:39:18

so u want it again?

Nose-army responds:



2009-02-06 01:33:11

is this fp?

Nose-army responds:

no. its not thaaat important.


2009-03-19 02:49:22


Guess who?

(Updated ) Nose-army responds:

Long time no see Mr. Sheridan.