2008-11-25 00:29:03 by Nose-army

I'm pretty ashamed looking at my submission list rite now.
Dreamland Blitz, Sprite TV, Toon Link VS Ganondorf...
Well I guess mistakes are part of progress. I'm going to have to say I refuse to be ashamed of Dreamland Blitz though, I actually spent a lot of time drawing... tracing... copying sprites... sigh...
Ah well, I'll make up for it with... the Mortal Kombat Kollab...
I'm gonna say it doesn't count, cause I fully animated my part as practice for my later projects. That makes everything alright, right guys?


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2008-11-28 15:39:07

Lop shall dominate u just wate

(Updated ) Nose-army responds:

I thought out the intro just now...
the ng tank should be sitting there and a tankman should jump in and fire a couple of shots out of the barrel, and then it'll say NEWGROUNDS and then fade out and your guy and my guy should run in from opposite sides and jump and punch each other, and it freezes when their fists collide and goes EYERECON and NOSEARMY. Then they fade out and it shows the map and the menu...
Also, I just understood what you meant by the eye recon being the eyes of ocula... i didn't realize how clever that was until just now.


2008-11-29 15:39:37


Nose-army responds:

lego is teh pwnzors


2008-11-30 00:48:37

what the eff?

Nose-army responds: