What are your top 5 movies that you are looking forward to?

2008-09-21 23:15:45 by Nose-army

From least looked forward to to most, mine are
1. Super Mario Bros Z Ep 7
2. Madness 9
3. Not Another Sprite Fight 2
4. The Story of Khale 3
5. The Rise of P-bot
What are yours? If you post them, I'll count up the votes and make a movie popularity scale.
So that's 3 for SMBZ7
2 for Power Star 4
2 for NASF2
3 for Madness 9
3 for Joe Zombie 7
2 for Castle Repercussions
2 for Fallen Angel 1
1 for Polypeptide
1 for The Story of Khale 3
2 for The Rise of P-bot
1 for Skater V2
1 for Blockhead
1 for Nameless 7
1 for the next Angrydog
1 for another Awesome movie
1 for Space Action 1
1 for Apocalypse Please
1 for Fancy Pants 3
1 for Pico's School 2
and 1 for Nose-Army 93: Boogers.

What are your top 5 movies that you are looking forward to?


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2008-09-21 23:25:44

Nose army 93: boogers.

Nose-army responds:

Je ne comprende pas.


2008-09-21 23:52:53

1. Polypeptide (by zekeyspaceylizard)
2. A tie between Any Angry Dog Episodes and Any of Catoblepas's toons.
3. Space Action Episode 1 (by Alienslushie)
4. Apocalypse Please! (by Five-Iron)
5. Fallen Angel Episode 1 (supposedly coming out by the end of the month)

Nose-army responds:

Cool. The only one of those that I've heard of is Angry Dog.


2008-09-22 00:11:41

Fallen Angel is actually coming out?!!

Nose-army responds:



2008-09-22 00:58:52

"Cool. The only one of those that I've heard of is Angry Dog."
You seriously havent seen the fallen angel teaser? The teaser was made a couple years ago, so hopefully ep.1 is going to be epic. (its in the serious movie section, if you wanna check it out)

And to Sprite-Skater, thats what Robs (the creator) has said on FallenAngelSeries.com.

(Updated ) Nose-army responds:

Oh ya, I've seen that trailer. It was really good.


2008-09-22 03:39:50

1.Joe Zombie 7
2.Fallen Angel ep.1
3.SMBZ 7
4.NASF 2
5.Skater V2

Nose-army responds:

Lol Skater V2. That's an awesome series


2008-09-22 04:21:48


Nose-army responds:



2008-09-22 04:25:17

2:xionic madness 2
4:joe zombie7
5:castle repercussuns woooooooooo
ands hats alls kiddies(TRIKY SEZ THAT LULZ)

(Updated ) Nose-army responds:

O ya. Xionic Madness 2. That should be good. Whats castle repurcussuns?


2008-09-22 06:56:52

"Cool. The only one of those that I've heard of is Angry Dog."
Oh dear god...

Nose-army responds:

Shoop Da Whoop.


2008-09-22 07:46:07

1. Castle Repercussions
2. Joe Zombie 7
3. Power Star 4 (NG premiere)

I can't think of any more movies I'm heartily anticipating, so here's some games:

4. Fancy Pants Adventures: World 3
5. Pico 2

Nose-army responds:

Pico 2? Is TomFulp actually making that??


2008-09-22 10:35:31

madness, and maybe some egoraptor or lazymuffin stuff.

Nose-army responds:

Im gonna say that's a vote for Nameless/ Next Awesome redux.


2008-09-25 21:32:09

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