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"If this animation career thingy of yours runs dry, feel free to come live in my basement, cause christ knows I'm not gonna be married." -Ben Sheridan

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Nose-army's News

Posted by Nose-army - April 1st, 2009

I totally fell for it.
Uuh, did my little blurb about me thing always say revolution? I was sure it said animation before...

Posted by Nose-army - February 5th, 2009

So I haven't submitted a real animation since March of the Snowmen. I saw how popular and easy to make sprite movies were, and my 12-year-old mind was easy to sway. Of course, when I made the nose-army account I pictured my web-personality to be super popular and I wanted to get to that stage any way I could. I now realize that sprite movies are unoriginal, lazy, and take away credit from the poor artists that actually put effort into their work, and I will not be following that path again.
So anyways, me and eyerecon had this idea for a two-person collab about anything we wanted, and we each started making parts for it (some of which got finished) but then we thought that we'd been pushing off our BIG project Praelia for too long, so we ditched it. I put a lot of effort into a couple of the parts for the collab, so I wanted to show them to you, to let you know what stage I'm at with animation. They're not quite finished, so they probably won't look quite up to par.
Hulk part.
Nonsensical stick fight.
And I'll post the big fancy preloader if *ahem* EYERECON WILL SEND ME THE COMPLETED VERSION. Which I hope he will.

Posted by Nose-army - December 1st, 2008

Ok, me and eyerecon are working on some pretty heavy duty cartoons at the moment, so I thought I'd set some animating goals for us. These are so that we don't do 20 frames on a project one day and then leave it for 3 months and come back and forget what brush size and animating style we were using. I'm gonna post it here because I thought maybe some people would like to use it for their stuff.
So, with out further ado...

Consistency Rules
Skeletons: 5 frames per day.
Final animation: 4 frames per day. (tweens count as 1 frame, no matter how long they are)
Backgrounds: 1 per day.
Colour: 10 frames per day.

If this rule set works for you, feel free to use it, but this is mainly for me and eyerecon.

Goal Setting Time!

Posted by Nose-army - November 25th, 2008

I'm pretty ashamed looking at my submission list rite now.
Dreamland Blitz, Sprite TV, Toon Link VS Ganondorf...
Well I guess mistakes are part of progress. I'm going to have to say I refuse to be ashamed of Dreamland Blitz though, I actually spent a lot of time drawing... tracing... copying sprites... sigh...
Ah well, I'll make up for it with... the Mortal Kombat Kollab...
I'm gonna say it doesn't count, cause I fully animated my part as practice for my later projects. That makes everything alright, right guys?

Posted by Nose-army - November 13th, 2008

Neo-Fusion is hosting a fun little MK collab and we are still looking for people to join. I had a lot of fun with my part, so I don't see why you shouldn't. Here are the official collab rules, copied and pasted right from the thread:
1. Experienced sprite animators only.
2. If you aren't experienced make a little demo of what you can do and I will decide.
Flash Requirements
1. Flash 8 or lower
2. Canvas Size 450 by 270
3. Canvas Background: Black
4. Frames per second: 25
5. Please add your own sound effects... make them as event
6. Please add your own music... try and optimize it by editing it or something
When making your part please do the following
1. Name all of your library items something unique
2. You have one fight so make it really good =D.
3. Fights are required to be 30 seconds- 1 minute long. I am flexible for a few seconds over... not a few under.
Also, I drew mah first picture in photoshop for a kid who sits next to me in science. He's writing a short story. Here's the full sized pic.

Join the Mortal Kombat Collab + Other stuffs

Posted by Nose-army - October 27th, 2008

So this guy who sits next to me in science is writing a short story and he, realizing my indisputable artistic talent (he looked at a couple of my doodles) decided to ask me to do a cover for his story. It's my first full drawing in photoshop, and I'm hoping to be able to learn more of it so that I can eventually use it in my flash. Here's the fullsize

Experimenting with photoshop

Posted by Nose-army - October 19th, 2008

I'm so bored.

Posted by Nose-army - October 13th, 2008

To complete a review, you'd have to give it a score out of 10 for animation, and another score for story, one for style, and some for other such things. That way you'd see what you need to improve on.
Also, HIYA!!!

I'd like a new review system.

Posted by Nose-army - October 2nd, 2008

Expresso and the Vikings is coming along very very slowly. Maybe if I actually opened Flash and started working on it it would come along faster.
I keep thinking of something else to say here, and then backspacing it cuz it sounds dumb.

Posted by Nose-army - September 21st, 2008

From least looked forward to to most, mine are
1. Super Mario Bros Z Ep 7
2. Madness 9
3. Not Another Sprite Fight 2
4. The Story of Khale 3
5. The Rise of P-bot
What are yours? If you post them, I'll count up the votes and make a movie popularity scale.
So that's 3 for SMBZ7
2 for Power Star 4
2 for NASF2
3 for Madness 9
3 for Joe Zombie 7
2 for Castle Repercussions
2 for Fallen Angel 1
1 for Polypeptide
1 for The Story of Khale 3
2 for The Rise of P-bot
1 for Skater V2
1 for Blockhead
1 for Nameless 7
1 for the next Angrydog
1 for another Awesome movie
1 for Space Action 1
1 for Apocalypse Please
1 for Fancy Pants 3
1 for Pico's School 2
and 1 for Nose-Army 93: Boogers.

What are your top 5 movies that you are looking forward to?